Depth Type Cartridges

Depth Type CartridgesDepth stack filter cartridges are new type of filter cartridges with depth filter sheets. They are based on a fully new design incorporating the double separator concept.

1 .Particle Removal
2 .Polishing Filtration
3 .Final Filtration (germ removal)
4. Chill Haze Removal
5. Bottling Filtration
6. Clarifying Filtration
7. Filtration after Stabilization
8. Pre-filtration prior to Final Membrane Filters
9. Removal of Colloids

–Backwashable, resulting in high total throughput
–Easy and reliable handling
Rigid external clips prevent damage of the filter sheet during module loading and unloading.
–No filter sheet deformities after heat treatment

–No adverse effects to filter sheets  when in contact with hot sanitization or process filtration.
–Increased filtration security
Separator design increases the total stability of the filter cartridges as the
separators fully support the sheet material.

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